TheraKey™ is Compatible with any NGS Instrument

  • TheraKey™ is compatible with any NGS instrument to provide accurate clinical information on somatic cancer mutations beyond the standard reporting
  • We accept Variant Call Files (.vcf) from any Next-Generation Sequencing platforms and gene panel
  • TheraKey™ saves up to 2 days of long database search, saving costs and accelerating turnaround time

Accurate Matching of Patient-to-Treatments

TheraKey™ Delivers Accurate Patients-to-Treatments Matching at Scale

  • TheraMiner: capable of seamless retrieval, parsing and filtering of data. Ingresses new clinical trials and updates on a daily basis from key public databases.
  • TheraBase: Database (public + manually curated) of all clinical and genomic annotation information for gene, disease and treatment.
  • TheraKey™ Interpretation Report: Clinical reports that contain information on Indicated Therapies, Contraindicated Therapies based on the patient’s unique genetic variants / mutations.
Accurate Matching of Patient-to-Treatments

Vela Genomics Quality Knowledge Database

Vela Genomics Quality Knowledge Database

  • 46 different biomedical databases such as COSMIC, UMLS, CIVIC, etc.
  • Somatic mutations in 822 genes by Somatic Mutations Curated Content (SMCC)
  • Draws data from >220,000 Clinical Trials
  • Important prognostic germline mutations of raw content knowledge-base
Vela Genomics Highly Qualified Curators

Vela Genomics Highly Qualified Curators

Our in-house curators experts are certified clinicians (MBBS/MD) with PhD in Oncology. Leading practicing guidelines, recognized worldwide, are also used in curated report content review and feedback incorporation.

Indicated Therapies:

  • FDA Approved Drugs List, Medical Journals

Contraindicated Therapies:

  • NCCN Guidelines®

Clinical Trials:

  • Clinical Parameters, Variants Detected
Continuous Update & Data Integration

Continuous Update & Data Integration

Data is ever changing. In order to have the most accurate view, we must be able to efficiently capture that change, and react to it. With TheraKey™, physicians can be pro-actively advised on new therapeutic alternatives in an on-going fashion.

  • TheraKey™ is powered by our data processing tool, TheraMiner, for seamless retrieval and parsing of data
  • Authorizes updates of existing curated clinical trial data on a regular basis
  • Continuous view of data growth – times of edits, attribution, nature of changes identified 

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