Vela Genomics Launches NGS Clinical Interpretation and Reporting

SINGAPORE – 7 MARCH, 2017 – Vela Genomics, a subsidiary of Vela Diagnostics, has launched TheraKey™ which aims to provide accurate Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) clinical interpretation and reporting.

The cloud solution, available on www.velagenomics.com and follows HIPAA compliance, enables matching of rich genomic profiling data to clinically actionable outcomes, expanding clinicians’ treatment options and providing cancer patients with more precise therapies and up-to-date recruiting clinical trials.

Vela Genomics has successfully built the TheraKey™ database to include somatic cancer mutations in more than 800 genes, 220,000 clinical trials and 2,000 cancer drugs. Proper structuring of clinical knowledge through custom built Natural Language Processing (NLP) facilitates reporting of actionable treatments from a comprehensive curated oncology database.

Besides drugs approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), the report also indicates off-label, investigational and combination therapies for the specific disease and gene or variant. Current clinical trials that have the most relevance to the patient’s genomic biomarkers, disease diagnosis, eligibility and location proximity are also specified. Certified clinicians will curate and review the final report, highlighting any contraindicated therapies in adherence to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines® to further ensure accuracy.

TheraKey™ brings advancement in eliminating the difficulty and time spent on interpreting the data manually with accelerated results and reporting. It can be integrated with any sequencing platform to assist clinicians in completing the workflow of their NGS somatic cancer tests. Reports can be requested using a private and secure account by the simultaneous uploading of multiple Variant Call Files (VCF) and the submitting of requisition forms online.

The launch of TheraKey™ online platform by Vela Genomics is the latest in a line-up of projects that aim to shape and provide greater access to personalized medicine.

Vela Genomics also offers TheraKey™ in its own proprietary Sentosa NGS workflow for Oncology with Vela’s targeted solid tumor panels and 70 gene Oncopanel. All panels can run with FFPE and cfDNA extractions on the automated Sentosa NGS workflow.

To request for a trial TheraKey™ account, please click here.

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About Vela Genomics

Vela Genomics specialises in NGS interpretation and reporting to empower personalised medicine in healthcare. The TheraKey™ platform was developed through advanced bioinformatics and clinical curation expertise to achieve accurate and sophisticated reports that enable clinicians to deliver the best possible precise care for their patients. We are committed to delivering powerful genomics solutions and actionable insights with worldwide medical, technical and economical benefits.

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