Raw Data Filtered to Quality Clean Data

Raw Data Filtered to Quality Clean Data

Continuous Update & Data Integration

Continuous Update & Data Integration

Data Sourced from Government Licensed Sites

Curated Database from UMLS, NCI, COSMIC etc.

TheraKey™ Interpretation Report for Accurate Matching of Patient-to-Treatments

  • FDA Approved, Off-Label, Investigational Drugs
  • Matched Recruiting Clinical Trials Worldwide
  • Contraindicated Therapies by NCCN Guidelines®
  • Reviewed by Certified Clinicians and Curation Scientists
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TheraKey™ Report Overview

TheraKey™ Report Overview

TheraKey advances continuous data integration and versioning, speeds up your interpretation and provides an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your genomics data.

  • Uses therapy-first model
  • Works to eliminate contradictory recommendations
  • Tuned to the patient’s specific diagnosis
  • Accurate and comprehensive analysis of your genomics data
FDA Approved and Off-Label Therapies

FDA Approved and Off-Label Therapies

  • FDA Approved - treatment is FDA approved for the patient’s indication and there is evidence supporting the predictive value of the identified biomarker
  • Off-Label - treatment is FDA approved, but not for the patient’s indication. While still having evidence of the treatment’s efficacy in the patient’s condition or other conditions.
Potential Clinical Trials

Potential Clinical Trials


  • Investigational therapies listed (as single agent or combination therapies), as specified by the clinical trial
  • Time stamp of latest database update included
  • Clinical trials information listed in Appendix page (optional)

Clinical Trials Criteria:

  • Open clinical trials
  • Interventional study design
  • Location proximity considered

Matched to Patient Characteristics:

  • Condition
  • Inclusion/Exclusion criteria
Contraindicated Therapies

Contraindicated Therapies

Includes therapies that have:

  • Contraindications based on the latest NCCN Guidelines®

Your Privacy and Security

Vela Genomics follows HIPPA guidelines for high standards of Privacy and Security of personal genomics and other health related data. TheraKey™ consists of a software suite with stacks of AWS deployed frameworks components for specific tasks with no on-premise functional components.

The TheraKey™ software suite adheres to BAA agreement that follows AWS HIPAA guidelines and is reviewed by AWS security architect, as outlined in their white paper and Shared Responsibility Model. By this BAA agreement, PHI (Protected Healthcare Information) data is encrypted at rest and encrypted "in-flight" (during transfer over network). Only HIPAA compliant AWS components (e.g. EC2, S3, EBS, RDS PostgreSQL) are utilized for storage and processing of PHI information, ensuring your Privacy and Security is protected.

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