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Reduced therapeutic costs
Reduced burden on our healthcare system

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Comprehensiveness is important. Consistent, clean well-characterized data is just as important.

Listed Therapies

  • FDA Approved Recommended Therapies
  • Off-Label drugs, Investigational Drugs
  • Contraindicated Therapies by NCCN Guidelines®

Clinical Trials

  • Fetches over > 200,000 Clinical Trials
  • Trials criteria
    • Status = Recruiting
    • Phase 2 or 3
  • Matched to Patient’s Characteristics
  • Clinical Trials Matching Service (coming soon)


  • Automatic Mapping Based on Curated Ontologies
  • Experts Validation and Integrity Check
  • Uses Leading Practice Guidelines Recognized Worldwide

Continuous Update

  • Seamless Retrieval of Data on Regular Basis
  • Continuous View of Data Growth
  • Updates on Actionable Genes Database
  • NLP on Clinical Trials which Curation Pre-qualifies

How TheraKey™ Can Help You

Through TheraKey's gene variant database, we are able to identify clinically actionable variants and match therapies using your patient's NGS result. We aim to assist you in making accurate treatment decision by transforming genomics infomation into Precision Medicine.

Diagram shows one of the frequently mutated cancer gene for each cancer type.

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