Vela Genomics is a subsidiary of Vela Diagnostics, a pioneer in offering both PCR and NGS on an integrated platform with a global network connected to direct operations and distributors across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Vela Genomics is committed to delivering medical, technical and economical benefits to customers around the world. With our advanced bioinformatics and clinical curation expertise, we aim to empower healthcare by delivering the most accurate and sophisticated clinical interpretation and solutions to help personalise treatments. 

Vela Genomics provides Clinical Interpretation and Reporting.

  • We filter and interpret your VCF files to determine Actionable Variants
  • Our advanced technology platform and certified curators match therapies and Clinical Trials to Actionable Variants
  • TheraKey™ Interpretation Report is produced, empowering Personalized Medicine in healthcare

TheraKey™ technology provides the possibility to transform genomic information into precision diagnosis and personalized treatments. We strive to assist clinicians in making accurate treatment decision, dramatically improving the efficiency of patient care, and increasing patient's survival rate and life quality.

At the heart of our proprietary solution is our unique analytical and interpretation solutions, tailored to the clinical market, aimed at powering both solid tumor and ctDNA clinical assays, among others. With the cost of sequencing dropping, the true value of the clinical market will be captured by those who can lead in data, knowledge, and applications, and deliver quality at scale.

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